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Q & A

Honey-Wagon was started here in Tulsa over 30 years ago.  The reason we've been in business so long is because we are dependable and honest.  We know how frustrating it is to do a service only to find out you didn't need it to begin with.  Sometimes, if you're having septic issues, the best thing to do  is to clean it out to see what the issue might be.  Here are some common questions we receive and answers to them that might be helpful for you.

Q: How often should I pump my tank?

A: Every home is different.  Where you live, how many people living in your home, what kind of tank you have, how many tanks you have all play a role into how often you should pump your tank.  We recommend that you should pump a 1000 gallan tank every 8-10 years IF you are treating it with an activator such as Honey-Zyme®. Honey-Zyme® breaks down grease, paper and protein. Not using an activator will cause your tank to fill with solids quickly and you'll need to pump your tank more often.  To purchase Honey-Zyme®, give us a call or purchase when you get your tank pumped.

Q: All the water in my home is backing up, does this mean my tank is full?

A: It could be.  Water backing up is obvsiouly a sign that something is wrong.  One thing to check is the cleanout.  If you can open it up, you can determine if the sewer line going to the septic is backed up.  If there's a clog, you can work on that.  If everything is flowing fine, then the next step would be to check the tank.  It could be time to pump it.

Q: Where is my tank?

A: This is a tricky one, however we are trained to locate tanks. One way you can locate it is simply using your eye.  A perfectly round circle (extra green or extra dry) in the grass could be an indicator that the tank is below.

Q: I have standing water in my yard, is it my tank?

A: Yes OR no.  It could be a full tank, but it could be damaged or clogged lines. Every tank has lines that help drain the water out called lateral lines.  Sometimes these lines can break or get clogged which causes water to seep up to the top.  This should be fixed quickly, and the cost all depends on the damage, parts and labor.  We do not work on lateral lines, however there are a couple of companies we highly recommend and we will work with them to make sure you are up and running in no time.

Q: Why does it cost so much to pump a tank?

A: Honey Wagon is very competitive, and most of the time we beat our competitors price.  One of the biggest reasons our cost is higher than it used to be is because of dump fees.  The city has raised their dump fees every year for the last few years, and the raise has been significant.  Another thing to consider is this, homes that are on city sewer have to pay monthly for that service.  City sewer homes can pay around $30/month. That's $360/year.  So let's say you pay $350 to pump your tank every 7 years, that's nothing compared to the $2,520 a city sewer home would pay. So HoneyWagon is actually saving you thousands of dollars! 

Q: I have an RV, can you clean out the black water?

A: Short answer, yes. However, it's much more cost effective for you to get a portable black tank to empty and dispose of your black water in proper dump sites.

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